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    About Us - History

Howie Gibson returned from World War II with only £83 in his pocket but his mind was filled with dreams and his heart full of aspirations. After selling his small café in Ceres, he purchased his first small holding. This was the first of several farm properties Howie bought in the Ceres area. Howie Gibson had a saying “Save a match and buy a farm”  Through innovative thinking and a strong will to make a success of everything, Howbill Properties was established and quickly became a well-known family farming venture in Ceres and surrounding areas.

After his death in 1982, Howie’s three sons, Raymond, William and George continued the family business for several years but during 1990 the three brothers decided to each continue farming on their own. William “Willa” inherited the farm Sterkwater and immediately started farming as Sterkwater Boerdery. The name is derived from a strong fountain which originates on the farm.

Willa certainly inherited a great deal of his father’s spirit for success and in the years that followed, he managed to purchase several additional farms and today is the proud owner of  farms situated in the Witzenberg and Koue Bokkeveld area.

Willa’s two sons Howard and Jonathan have both jointed the family business after completing their studies. Son Howard is in control of the packing facility with his brother Jonathan responsible for the production side of the business. Bobby, Willa’s wife, is also actively involved in the business.

When meeting the Gibson’s you’ll soon realise their passion for farming and this is confirmed by the fact that they are proud to put the slogan “Produce powered by passion” on each carton of fruit that leaves their farm. This family business recently celebrated its 20th birthday and will continue to produce products for both the international and local markets of the highest quality.