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January Febuary March April
William's Bon Chretien
Packham Triumph
Golden Delicious
Beurry Bosh
Top Red en Starking
Royal Gala
Granny Smith
Beurre Hardy
Pink Lady
Sterkwater’s range of apples includes the best the world renowned Ceres valley can offer. The packing season starts early in February with Royal Gala and ends towards the end of May with Sundowner. Other varieties include Golden Delicious, Top Red, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Braeburn and Fuji.

The pear season start with Williams Bon Chretien in January followed by Beurre Hardy in the beginning of February. The next variety to be picked is Beurre Bosc followed by Packham’s Triumph and Doyenne du Comice. The season concludes with Forelle in mid March.

Our plums are produced in the Koue Bokkeveld. Only two varieties are produced of which Angelino’s form the bulk. The picking season starts with Fortune plums in mid February and ends with Angelino towards the end of the month.

Three varieties of Yellow Cling peaches are produced by Sterkwater Boerdery. These include Malherbe, Keisie and Kakamas. The season starts in January and ends in March. Yellow Cling’s are extremely popular in the local market and for canning.